About PromoLogo.biz and Callaghan Promotions
PromoLogo.biz and Callaghan Promotions is family-owned and operated in Birmingham, Michigan.
Callaghan Promotions was founded by Kevin Callaghan in 1990. 
Since then, he has treated every customer like family.  
In 2011, Callaghan Promotions expanded to include PromoLogo.biz  for a stronger web presence in this ever-changing electronic age.
Other companies offer similar items. However, we pride ourselves in PERSONAL SERVICE that no online source can offer. We will meet you and usually will drop off your orders in person and say 
"thank you for your business."
HELPFUL DESIGN HINTS  If you are creating your own design, here are some tips to save you time and money. 
Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw. You will save time and money by creating the art right the first time. 
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher or any "free" design application that came with your computer, are NOT designed for professional print applications. They are designed for home printing only.

Vector art means that the art it is built of lines not pixels. The great thing about vector art is it can be use in all forms of printing from business cards to billboards without loosing resolution. If you create the art in vector first, you can always convert the art for web use later. It doesn't work the other way.
NOTE: You must use vector art for screen-print apparel, cut vinyl, laser etched items or embroidery projects. 
Not all design programs create art in vector format.  The best programs that do are: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Onyx and FlexiSign.  

MS Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint DO NOT create vector art and not suitable for projects requiring vector art.  PhotoShop creates art in BITMAP (pixles) not vector, which is perfect for printing, however not for projects that require vector art as mentioned above. 

Vector formats would be saved with the extension: EPS, PDF, AI (adobe illustrator) or CDR (corel draw). 
The most universal vector formats are EPS and PDF.  PNG, JPG, GIF and PS (photoshop) are NOT vector formats. 
The art would have to be created as vector art from the start. Just changing the extension will not make it vector. 
PNG, GIF and JPG extensions are mainly used for photo viewing and web building, not for printing.
If you don't have art, use our art & design services to bring your ideas to reality and your finished project looking great. 
Whether you need a logo, a t-shirt design or a complete business identity created, just sketch it out and we will take it from there. 
We can also vectorize your art as well if needed for an 
additional fee.
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If you are supplying art, please be sure that they meet our requirements to insure a quality finished product and to save you money. 
If supplied art is for screen-printed or embroidered apparel, award or laser-etched order, the art MUST be in VECTOR FORMAT. 
Meaning, it was created in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Onyx or other vector art program with the extensions: .EPS, .PDF, .AI or .CDR 
Art created in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, PhotoShop are not vector and are NOT acceptable.
 Files with  .PNG,  .JPG,  .TIF,  .GIF,  .EML  extensions are not vector and also NOT acceptable. 
With our design service, vectorizing non-vector art is possible depending on the complexity of the design for an additional fee.
For other projects not described above, a high-resolution PDF, TIF or JPG is acceptable.